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Confession box
I've always liked the idea of confession boxes ♥. For other people, and for myself. So here, if you'd like to post anything, anything at all, feel free to do so. It could be a normal confession, a story, a memory, your dreams and hopes, love, something you saw on the way back home, a burst of anger... well, anything.

The only thing you have to follow is to do this anonymously and honestly.

That is all.

angela aki - tegami
this is a really wonderful song, and i want to share with y'all;

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hates false hopes
have been worrying about money for the past week... and had to go lose rm50 today sigh. found out it was missing when I was in the computer labs; it slipped outta my pocket, and i couldn't find it no more. kinda sucky because earlier i was debating whether i should grab a 10 or 50 from my wallet, and decided on the 50 because i needed the change.

now here's the emo part... just right after that, when I was feeling sad about it but pretty much accepted the loss... deric had to come along and tell me that he has it and starts rummaging around in his pocket.

then he says, just kidding!

....... it's not funny you inconsiderate poo-head!!!


Join Summer Service Projects in Southeast Asia!
Okay, college students on my flist... interested to do something meaningful and fun during your summer break?

Passionate about a cause?
Want to make a difference in Southeast Asia?
Want to meet other college students who share the same vision?
Want to learn how to become a better service leader?


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Also, if you're a high school student in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah; keen to learn new things (e.g.: how to be a leader, how to plan a service project etc), keen on meeting new friends locally and all over the world... have a look at the poster under the cut ;P

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PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!! Good karma will be bestowed upon thee!!! XDXD

Remember, remember, the tenth of November
Tens of thousands of people walked the city peacefully yesterday.They walked to Istana Negara, handed over a memorandum to the King's Secretary and they dispersed.

What's one day of traffic in exchange for people walking in support for your rights, for a better Malaysia, for a fair and free election? For a better future? I hope that no one will look at this incident and think that it's an Anwar thing or a PAS thing. The bigger picture is not.

(And who really caused the traffic jam? Was it the activists or was it the police who set up numerous road blocks to deter them? And not allowing trains to go to Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek?)

Like a friend of mine said, sure, it's being compared to Myanmar, but the thing is they are under the military junta. We, on the other hand, are worse because we're supposed to be a democratic country.

If there's nothing to hide, why is there nothing on the mainstream newspapers today? I was really disappointed in that because I wanted to trust that the government will do the right thing. I've been reading both sides for the past months, not sure which is the truth. But today the government has silenced their people's voices... a clear example that unfortunately we don't count. All they care about is covering their own butts.

Badawi: Are they trying to question our government and leadership?

Damn right we are.

As Al-Jazeera has put it... this is democracy Malaysian-style.


The Memorandum to the King
YouTube: Al-Jazeera News 1
YouTube: Al-Jazeera News 2
YouTube: Al-Jazeera News 3
TheCicak: Discussion
JeffOoi: Paint it Yellow
JeffOoi: How They Paint it Yellow
CNN: Teargas used on rare Malaysia Demo
KakiBlog: My Report from the Bersih Rally (Good first hand account)
The Star: Najib on why police didn't permit the gathering
AFP: Malaysian opposition slams government over protest clampdown
(Relevant links from MalaysiaToday)
On-site updates in comments for 10 Nov
Govt warning to organizers to call off mass rally
Pictures 1
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Malaysian petitioners defy police (Asia Sentinel)
Malaysians hold huge rally for free elections (Bangkok Post)

I'm somewhat troubled.
Let's just say there's this project that helps a minority, and at the same time, they are missionaries.

And because I'm an idealistic twerp, I dislike the idea of assistance with underlying intentions. Personally I'm against the mere idea of it.

But let's pull back the focus, much further away until I'm just a dot in your view; but the minority will benefit from it; shelter, food, skills, transport, education etc...

The good seems to outweigh the bad. It's something like, so what if they are converted.. at least they get good out of it.

I don't know. My brains seems to be going through some rewiring...

What do you think?

Oh give us a home -insert big puppy dog eyes-...
I'm helping someone to find a lovable family for these gorgeous furry big dogs. Preferably responsible dog-lovers!
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Planting hatred
It's not right to instill hatred in children; hatred strong enough to kill innocent people. To brainwash them for personal gain is simply sick.

Here, I'm trying to swallow the images of pre-adolescent and adolescent children promising to spread this message of hatred, veiled as religious piety, and ever willing to kill themselves and countless others for some distorted adult's sake.

The Day Before
     Bronchitis, bronchitis... I never knew the extent of your annoyance, (nor your existence, really...) until you have befallen me. As complained to Linh (a friend from Project Vietnam!), I think I've generated enough snot, phlegm and lung mucus to fill up a kiddie pool. For once, I'm not exaggerating. Dammit.

     That's not even my biggest problem; I don't care if I cough up enough snot/mucus/phlegm for a Olympic-sized pool, but what irks me is the force of the coughs. I coughed so violently in the past 3 days, it should be given a 18-SG rating. Seriously. If I wasn't so heavy, I might had propelled backward... I could say the same for fartin- no no, I didn't say that ;P. SO! The upper part of my torso hurts and I haven't started on coughing yet! Let's just say that it's painful enough to make me dread coughing. It's probably sore muscles but I feel as though I cracked some bones or something...

     Health is very important. Do take care of it. I didn't, so it's the whole 'Been There, Done That, Filled a Kiddie Pool With Snot...' thing. This is a public service announcement from Confessions Of a Confused Soul. Thank you for reading.

    Before unloading my another long-winded entry, here's a shoutout for MOONY!!! Also known as the Bouncy Oompha Loompha in our circle XDXD Welcome home, babe! Wished I could had been there T__T

18th June 2007
Still in Singapore.

Adventure of the day: I remembered that my EZLink card (like TouchNGo card, only more effective hahah) had money in it from my last trip to SG (Dec 06), so when my grandma asked me if I'd like her card, I said no. I boarded the bus with it... and I was right!!!

Amount left in card: 3 cents

I'm amazingly smart. Mensa, please endorse me.

     To not bore people, I bonded with my grandma. Also, I encouraged her to scold my mom wahahahahah! (I love it when my mom is being 'put in her place' by my grandma.) Visited a four-storey library (GLEE! GLEE!!!) which was only a 10 minutes walk away (DOUBLE GLEE! GLEE!!!) and spent the rest of my day there. Had an interesting chat with the housekeeper, Michew (?), about her own country Myanmar. On Suu Kyi... so many united voices with powerful support for democracy but guess who has the guns? Phooey =(.

Trying not to think anything about the next day... flying to Vietnam and I did not wish to have any expectations.

     I was commanding brain to not think about what's ahead so much until my brain got numb. It's like self-applied anaesthetic on brain cells or something. One bad habit of mine is imagining too much of what's to come, and when I actually get there, I'm often disappointed, so expectations = gets no-no this time.

High-class buses and the daydreamer relived
Back in Malaysia since yesterday! Currently trying to heal from bronchitis, and meanwhile, here's an update! Rewind please!

17th June 2007

   Paranoid about missing the bus, my very harried mom made us all go early. Tossed me, my dad, my luggage and dumplings (for my grandma) straight into the car... only to get out moments later because her car ain't working wtf. We reached Corus Hotel very early though, and ended up sitting on the stairs, slightly shivering from the morning chill. I've only packed my bag the night before and man, if you ever need an expert to stuff the kitchen sink in your luggage, I'll be THE one to do it! Such skills that I have acquired; I would actually feel prouder if it weren't for the fact that it's one heck of a useless skill =___=;;;.

   Anyhoo, the double-decker bus finally rolled in, 15 minutes shy from the departure time. Weeks before, I was insisting on sitting on the Konsortium (because I'm a cheapskate and Konsortium ain't that bad!!), which would probably save us back about 80 bucks, but my mom wanted me to try the apparently "high-class bus". I got a kick from how they tried to make everything sound so high-end; on the side of the bus, there was " AEROLINE The Convenient Way To Fly".

Um. Fly? The only way that a bus would fly is when it hits a barrier and somersaults through the air. THEN you will say, "Oooh, flying bus!" before it comes crashing to the ground and bursting in flames. Then a smartass would go, "Oooh, dying people!" =_____________________=;;;; * tosses smartass into fire and burning metal*

And oh oh, the announcement! I found it so funny that I actually copied it down:


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